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why future innoversity

Good to go from Day 1 – that’s the promise students hold out to industry from the time they pass out of Future Innoversity. To deliver on that promise, Future Innoversity has adopted a three-pronged approach to education. For one, its courses are structured on a unique pedagogical foundation that emphasizes holistic learning and life skills. Course curricula are designed around the functioning of a specific industry, enabling students to acquire a deep, focused awareness of the sector. The thrust of instruction is on students acquiring hands-on experience through innovative learning methodologies. All courses work towards the ‘employability’ factor, i.e. moulding students into skilled, confident and mature individuals who are ready to deliver from their first day on the job.


1. Unique pedagogy


Our learning methodology combines a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to learning that not only assures adequate conceptual/operational clarity and industry knowledge to students, but also helps prepare our students with essential life skills suited to their future roles within the retail industry.


The uniquely designed learning modules give students a thorough grounding in both theory as well as practical aspects of the retail/supply chain industry. Alongside, the courses motivate students to demonstrate life skills attributes essential for success such as ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurship.


2. Industry-centric curriculum


Future Innoversity was conceptualized as a training academy to instill professional skills in students. Future Innoversity’s courses are customized to industry’s current needs and consistently updated to remain relevant and tuned to emerging trends – features made possible through regular interaction with industry experts. For students, the outcome of this constant exposure to the world of business is that they emerge from the course as trained professionals, a distinct advantage they possess over peers from traditional universities.


3. Hands on learning


Work-oriented, hands-on learning is the mantra that differentiates Future Innoversity courses, a non-traditional approach to education that allows students to practice skills required to succeed in their chosen industry. Apart from a basic grounding in computers, accounts and general business administration, the coursework includes intensive, on-the-job training at actual work sites, arguably the best way to familiarize students with the working of the retail/supply chain industry.


4. Focus on Employability


‘Employability’ is the overarching goal of Future Innoversity’s job-oriented courses, one that sets them apart from existing courses. Besides the innovatively designed learning modules – a combination of in-depth knowledge of one industry, practical skills and general business proficiency – the courses inculcate young people with right values and attitude, awaken their creative impulses and instill the confidence to face challenges in their chosen career.


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