future learning - initiative

The traditionally accepted view on management studies is that it facilitates the early entry of students into industry, offers prospects of quick career growth and creates the business leaders of the future. Research reveals another story – that acquiring a management degree does not automatically translate into students becoming exemplary managers or industry leaders.


There are reasons for this disconnect. Management education is typically developed on three “pillars” – knowledge, skills and attitude. However, management institutes have hitherto focused on imparting knowledge and skills through conventional and outdated pedagogic tools. They have also neglected developing “attitude” among students, one that is deep-rooted in values.


Enter Future Innoversity. As our name implies, we bring a fresh, new approach to learning that begins with our admission methods. The selection process to our programmes does not rely merely on IQ as the primary criterion. Instead, we focus on varied personality traits as well – people skills, ability to learn and willingness to relearn.


Using this broad framework, we further customize our selection criteria and processes according to the varying requirements of our programmes.